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Where Our Story Begins

Following a 12-year career working for Financial Service and Insurance Firms,  founder Luis Whu abandoned the traditional Broker dealer model and crafted LULLA Wealth Financial – an independently owned firm.

Named after his two children, Luis created the firm he always envisioned. One where the focus is on helping others live their lives richly and without regrets, rather than dying rich and with regrets. Living better today rather than in the distant future. Starting with the client’s life in mind and end with their investments…not the other way around. 

We maintain a culture of excellence and integrity in all that we do by adhering to the highest fiduciary standards and acting in your best interest 100% of the time. The recommendations we make are part of a collaborative process that reflects multiple perspectives and areas of expertise. There is no substitute for the skills and judgment that come from having decades of hands-on experience managing money.


At LULLA our passion lies on helping you align your money with your life, we want to free up your time to enjoy what matters most to you. Knowing that no two people are the same – no two financial plans should be either. Our structure is designed to allows us the time to meet with our clients regularly. For us, it is important to keep you aware of current situations and be able to address and adjust as life and priorities change.

We feel it is important you are comfortable with us and want to understand your needs, for those reasons, our initial meeting is complimentary.

Our Team

Luis Whu Principal - Wealth Advisor

Luis has been advising investors professionally since 2005. In 2016 after 11 years holding senior management positions with Financial Service and Insurance Firms, Luis abandoned the traditional Broker dealer model and founded LULLA Wealth Financial a registered independent advisory firm.

As founder and Principal of LULLA Wealth Financial, LLC. Luis works collaboratively with clients to help them make important life decisions, set financial goals, and plan for the future. By embracing a model of integrated wealth management, he addresses all of the relevant areas of personal finance including investment management, taxes, wealth accumulation, cash flow generation, insurance, and estate planning to generate comprehensive financial plans for his clients. A benefit of working with Luis is his ability to provide a simple, clear, and easy to understand explanation of some very complex services and products offered today.

Luis is an Investment Advisor Representative, and holds his Series 6, 63, 65 Securities registrations, as well as his state 2-15 Life, Health and Annuities Insurance license. 

Luis and his wife Gina spend their spare time volunteering at their kids’ schools, running to the “after school activities”, cooking with the kids, and Luis forever working on improving his golf game.

Alycia Barnes Director Client Services

Born and raised in Connecticut, Alycia is proud to now call Vero Beach her home with her husband Phil and their dog Ninja.  For the past 17 years Alycia has been in various roles working directly with individuals in financial services, real estate services, and the mortgage industry. 

Alycia is an active member of the Vero Beach community and volunteers her time at the Youth Guidance Mentoring Academy, which focuses on helping local children in need. In her free time, Alycia enjoys group fitness classes, working on home improvement projects, reading and spending time at the beach. 


Bradley D. Sellick, Sr. Investment Advisor Representative

Bradley has a long background (40+ years) in overseeing service sensitive business operations in the Treasure Coast of Florida.

Bradley holds a Series 65 and is an Investment Advisor Representative with LULLA Wealth Financial, LLC. In addition, Bradley holds his Florida insurance licenses for both General Lines and Life, Health & Annuities. 

It is Bradley’s intent to convert a Transaction into a Relationship, with each client he has the pleasure of working with.

Married to wife Elizabeth, they have 4 children and 10 perfect grandchildren. When not enjoying all that Florida has to offer with those grandchildren, Bradley is a Student of the Business (SOB). He immerses himself in personal and professional education, enlightenment and growth in furtherance of the Bachelor of Business Administration degree he earned from Florida Atlantic University.

Live For Long-Term Intentionality

“A challenge for families seeking investment advice is being intentional.
The conversation should be around cash flow and lifestyle
rather than short-term performance and market commentary.”

Who We Serve

Our mission is to take the stress out of planning for your future by explaining the complex financial world in a simple and relatable way. We help you build, preserve and manage your wealth. 

For every dollar you earn, our goal is to help you keep as much of that money as you can – to grow it, to protect it, to take it back when you need it, and assure that your money goes where you want it to extend your legacy.

Doug and Carol are professionals working long hours, raising a family, and overseeing their aging parents – therefore, they feel they never have enough time.

They love their family and careers yet worry about burnout and are unclear if they are taking advantage of all the benefits and strategies available to help them protect and grow their nest egg for retirement and their family.

They partner with LULLA because of our team’s talent, training, and commitment to help produce the outcomes that clients tell us are important to them.

There are various reasons why today 31% of adults in the U.S. are single,  choosing to delay or not get married, divorced, or loss a spouse are front of the list.

Singleness is no longer to be sneered at. Even if the plan is to marry later or manage your finances separately, it is important to have a firm handle of it on your own.

As a single non-dual income individual, on one hand you may benefit from only having to take care of yourself. On the other, you are essentially the only one responsible for your financial wellness, an emergency event, and planning for your older age.

There are lots of advice for singles regarding relationships, but not much about financial planning. As a single professional, it is important to have an accountability partner and help you get your finances in order.

Things to consider:

  • Go the extra mile with your emergency savings
  • Get disability insurance
  • Start saving for retirement ASAP
  • Fall in love with budgeting
  • Create multiple streams of income
  • Get out of debt
  • Surround yourself with the right people

How many times have you said, “I can’t wait to retire!”
Suddenly you are there! Now we have some real questions that makes most of us a bit uneasy.

“Where do I start?”
“When should I/ or should I start social security?”
“How will I pay for healthcare costs?”
“How will my spouse maintain health insurance coverage?”
“What about prescriptions?”
“How do I make up the income I need to subsidize my Social Security and pension?”
“What are the best options for my portfolio?

We help you bring clarity to your financial picture, we will setup actionable steps and help you transition through this life changing event with confidence.

Nothing is harder than losing a life partner. Not only have you lost the person you love, but your children have lost their father or mother.
It can feel like the whole world is staring at you and people rarely seem to say the right thing.
Yet you know you need and deserve financial security to maintain your lifestyle.
We help you get organized and create a plan – giving you the clarity and peace of mind needed to be able to move forward with life.

Your savings and investments are in excess of $2 million.
you currently manage your own finances but worry about what would happen to your financial security should something happen to you, or may be ready to simplify and enjoy more of your life by passing some of the burden to a financial firm and make sure you will be okay regardless of what the future brings.

Facing slowing economic growth and historically low interest rates, long-term goals continue to be challenged by diminishing returns on most traditional asset classes.
Through value-creative strategies, leadership and a road-map outside the echo-system of traditional investments. We seek to get the most out of every dollar.
Our goal is a retirement that falls to the lowest tax bracket possible and to transfer the most to your loved ones.

How Do I Get Started

To us, a financial plan is not about “filling in the blanks”. It is custom and tailored to your unique financial situation and goals. That level of care and detail takes commitment, time, and attention; therefore, we limit ourselves to a select number of clients.

Our initial 20 30-minute chat is all about your needs. Our goal is to answer any immediate questions you might have – including about us. We might ask about your goals and type of planning you are thinking of. If we both feel we are mutually suited, we then schedule a discovery meeting to delve deeper into your current financial situation.

1. Discovery Meeting

Step 1 : Understand

This is about getting a clear picture of your situation and mindset, so we can determine the best course of action.
We will review your current plan together and discuss your goals in closer detail. We can address any concerns with your current plan and discuss your feelings related to investing, taxes, retirement, and financial advice in general.

2. Evaluate &Analyze

Step 2: Evaluate & Analyze

We will evaluate the effectiveness of your current plan, how it is meeting your goals today and how likely is it to continue to meet your long-term goals.

The components of your current plan will be analyzed to ensure they are in line with your priorities and moral preferences.

4. Initiate & Monitor

Step 4: Initiate & Monitor

Welcome to our family! Now we are in it together!
As your life and priorities evolve, we will continue to monitor and adjust your plan and portfolios. Together we will identify the frequency, dates, and agenda for future meetings.

3. Develop & Review

Step 3: Develop & Review

Once we develop a customized financial framework with your priorities and goals in mind, we will compare it with your current plan to address any changes that will benefit your portfolio and explain why we are proposing the changes.

We encourage you to step back, review the results and think about it on your own. Once you decide to move forward, we follow up with forms to fill and open accounts, transfer assets, and implement your updated plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here at LULLA Wealth Financial, we know you may have questions. Since communication and alleiviating stress are core to our process, we’ve put together some of the more common concerns or inquiries we recieve – we are happy to connect and learn more about your specific needs. 

  • We DO NOT represent a bank, insurance company or Wall Street firm, and have no proprietary products.
  • We DO NOT take kickbacks nor try to sell you a myriad of insurance policies.
  • We sell advice, and as fiduciaries, we are committed to acting in your best interest.

Our first meeting is always complimentary and there is no obligation. 

We use it as an opportunity to learn about each other. It also helps us determine if we can be of service to you and if there is a mutual beneficial reason to work together.

Prior to working together, we will identify the appropriate fee structure based upon your needs and the type of financial advice that you seek. Our goal is to deliver meaningful and valuable advice that exceeds our fees.

Before implementing strategies, we must do the work first. At LULLA we do not charge our clients to work on and create a financial plan.

We typically charge one of two ways:

  • Percentage of assets under management (AUM Fee) : For wealth management, we typically charge a percentage of your portfolio value per year. Our advisory fees do not exceed 1.5%.
  • Hourly fee: Hourly fees are typically charged to clients who already have a comprehensive plan, but need a refresh, update, or monitoring of portfolios. Our minimum hourly fee is $ 250.00 per hour

We provide two primary services which include:

Investment Management – A comprehensive service including the development and maintenance of a personal financial plan (see below), investment management, and continuous advice as your life and needs change.

  • We serve as your Personal CFO keeping you on track towards your life goals.

Financial Planning – the process of developing a road map (financial plan) for your future which will help identify, clarify, and prioritize your goals. We also collect your financial facts and together, we develop a plan tailored to your situation. You will receive a clear and concise recommendation summary. We will then address your financial questions and concerns.

Such experience gives clarity and insight needed to live a more financially confident life.

Your plan may cover:

  • Retirement income planning and expense projections
  • Education planning
  • Life planning 
  • Asset management
  • Income tax planning
  • Insurance planning
  • Estate planning
  • Legacy planning
  • Net worth analysis


The first step is to schedule an initial intro virtual appointment or call us at 772.257.9803. Our email is info@lullafinancial.com

4731 Highway A1A
Suite 227

Vero BeachFL 32963

Phone: (772) 257-9803
Fax: (772) 231-0207

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