Our Promise To You

Our mission is to take the stress out of planning for your future by explaining the complex financial world in a simple and relatable way. We help you build, preserve and manage your wealth. Our success is determined by our ability to help you build financial security and maintain financial independence – keeping in mind these core pillars that help set us apart. Why choose LULLA? This is our promise to you:

  • Independence

    We are a fee-only Registered Investment Advisory Firm. As fiduciaries, we are required by law to act in the best interest of our clients, so you can have peace of mind that our goals are aligned.

  • A Transparent Philosophy To Managing Your Wealth

    As an independent firm, we are under no obligation to recommend specific investments or financial products. We have no “proprietary products” or programs nor economic incentives or corporate agenda. Our advisors do not have to satisfy sales or earnings quotas.

    What does that mean? We are focused on finding the best solutions that help our clients - and not influenced or distracted otherwise.

  • Fixation On Taxation

    Tax planning is the art of arranging your affairs to minimize the impact of tax costs along the way. As tax laws are often complex and continuously changing, we work alongside CPAs, Estate Attorneys, and other advisors to help our clients reduce their tax liability now and in the future.

    By working with experts, we are able to offer cutting edge strategies and smart, legal solutions.

  • Commitment To Clarity

    Do you have complicated employee benefits such as stock options or RSU’s? Unsure how they fit into your finances? Better yet, what is an RSU?

    We believe in the power of empowering our clients - helping them understand the process and participate in decisions with confidence. Our clients often tell us how much they appreciate the education they receive from us. We feel the more you know, the more successful you will be.

It is better to prepare than to repair

Overcoming Challenges

Planning and the issues that come with it can be overwhelming if tackling it on your own. Here are examples of common challenges and pitfalls we deal with regularly.

  • Not properly Planning For Inflation.

    Inflation is a challenge that comes on gradually over time. Consider the $0.90 price of gas in 1988 or $5.00 for a movie ticket in 1990. We feel an investment plan not taking inflation into consideration is simply not a complete plan.

  • Tax Drawbacks

    Overlooked tax deductions, 25% of taxpayers eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) fail to claim it -according to the IRS. Some miss out on the credit because the rules can be complicated, others simply are not aware they qualify. Others missed are reinvested dividends, refinancing mortgage points. Frequent tax mistakes also involve distributions from IRAs and rollover paperwork inaccurately filled. We recommend Tax Planning and a year-end meeting to consider distributions, withholdings, ROTH conversions, harvesting tax losses - if necessary, along with other tax-related issues. We feel an investment plan not taking inflation into consideration is simply not a complete plan.

  • Irrevocable Decisions Made

    Some decisions are irrevocable once made. Previous employer retirement account rollovers Employer's stock options ISO or NSOs Work benefits annual enrollment (Irrevocable for the year) When retiring, should you choose a lump sum or monthly pension? If a pension, single life or joint with survivor benefit? Keep the company insurance or let it lapse? We feel an investment plan not taking inflation into consideration is simply not a complete plan.

  • Under-diversification

    A professionally managed portfolio should be properly diversified A portfolio diversified in allocations and sectors that are in-line with your level of risk and return expectations. In addition to being Socially Conscious "green". A strategy seeking to consider both financial return and social/environmental good to bring about social change. Responsible diversification makes sense.

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