Financial Focus

Investment Management

Our disciplined approach is based on personalized account planning, risk minimization, professional money management, and tax efficiency.  Our investment management and financial planning programs are carefully linked.

We work to protect the wealth you have accumulated by thoroughly evaluating and minimizing the risks you face. We then establish a plan for growing your wealth, so that you can move towards your most important financial goals.

Financial Planning

We take the stress out of planning for your future by explaining the complex financial world in a simple and relatable way.

In our view, financial planning embodies not only the traditional strategies, but everything with a dollar sign in front of it. Such as Social Security, Medicare, tax management, estate planning, insurance policies, and more must be considered for a comprehensive approach.

We help you build, preserve, and manage your wealth.

Retirement Planning
Our planning approach is personalized and thorough. Starting by conducting an analysis of your current financial situation and listening extensively about your goals. We then explore options and offer recommendations to establish a solid financial plan, which includes your investments and a plan for distributions. We will cover healthcare concerns and establish contingency plans for a surviving spouse, so that this transition is made in the most efficient and worry-free manner.
Tax Efficient Investing

A well-constructed investment approach that includes sound and tax efficient strategies can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long run.

After an initial assessment meeting, and by collaborating with your tax professionals, we will evaluate and identify tax efficiency opportunities and determine how we can further reduce your tax burden. We will develop a tax savings strategy that provides us with a clear plan customized specifically to you and the needs of your family.

Insurance Assessment and Risk Planning

It is our belief that the right insurance plan can be a great investment.  Helping you gain confidence and the assurance for a better future. 

We start by conducting a complimentary audit of all your insurance policies and will report to you the following;

  • A List and type of your current plans
  • A detailed explanation of what each of them cover
  • Is it too much or too little coverage? Do they overlap?
  • Do you own the correct type of coverage?  

If needed, we help you coordinate changes and updates to your policies and help you with claims when needed.

We are not tied to the offerings of a single company. We have access to all the top providers and look at a broad range of options and factors to identify the policies most advantageous for you.

Estate Planning

As with retirement targets, effective methods of estate planning in today’s environment are constantly changing. In addition to the annual changes in exemptions, Congress frequently alters many of the existing laws regarding estate taxes.

Although usually assumed to be an activity of the wealthy, fundamental estate planning is necessary for all clients. If no effort has been made to arrange for the orderly transfer of assets upon death, the state in which the client lives can create a distribution that is not what the client intended.

Some estate planning service might require fees, we will disclose in advance for your acceptance.

Life Transition Planning

One of the most valuable services we provide is helping clients get organized and prioritize financial decisions they may face – deciding which ones must be addressed immediately, and which can and should be handled later.

Equally important, we help avoid the kinds of costly mistakes that so often are made during times of stress. Whether retirement decisions, job changes, relationship status changes, moving to a new area, health and wellness impacts, our team can serve you. While helping you manage the many details requiring your attention, we assess your near-term needs and recommend a plan for meeting them.

We then evaluate your overall financial position and take a step-by-step approach to helping you develop a sound, sensible long-term financial strategy.

Whether it is sorting through complex estate issues or managing your investment program, our goal is to accurately inform you about where you stand financially, help protect and build your assets so you can move forward with your life.

Find Financial Freedom

Our goal is to help you find the financial freedom to pursue your interests
and enjoy the retirement you have worked so hard for.

How Do I Get Started

To us, a financial plan is not about “filling in the blanks”. It is custom and tailored to your unique financial situation and goals. That level of care and detail takes commitment, time, and attention; therefore, we limit ourselves to a select number of clients. Our initial 20 30-minute chat is all about your needs. Our goal is to answer any immediate questions you might have – including about us. We might ask about your goals and type of planning you are thinking of. If we both feel we are mutually suited, we then schedule a discovery meeting to delve deeper into your current financial situation.
1. Discovery Meeting

Step 1 : Understand

This is about getting a clear picture of your situation and mindset, so we can determine the best course of action.
We will review your current plan together and discuss your goals in closer detail. We can address any concerns with your current plan and discuss your feelings related to investing, taxes, retirement, and financial advice in general.

2. Evaluate &Analyze

Step 2: Evaluate & Analyze

We will evaluate the effectiveness of your current plan, how it is meeting your goals today and how likely is it to continue to meet your long-term goals.

The components of your current plan will be analyzed to ensure they are in line with your priorities and moral preferences.

4. Initiate & Monitor

Step 4: Initiate & Monitor

Welcome to our family! Now we are in it together!
As your life and priorities evolve, we will continue to monitor and adjust your plan and portfolios. Together we will identify the frequency, dates, and agenda for future meetings.

3. Develop & Review

Step 3: Develop & Review

Once we develop a customized financial framework with your priorities and goals in mind, we will compare it with your current plan to address any changes that will benefit your portfolio and explain why we are proposing the changes.

We encourage you to step back, review the results and think about it on your own. Once you decide to move forward, we follow up with forms to fill and open accounts, transfer assets, and implement your updated plan.

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